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Trucking & Transportation

America's Trucking & Transportation industry is the lifeblood of the US economy and responsible for hauling 72.5% of all freight in the US. As one of the largest revenue streams in the nation the trucking and transportation industry accounts for more than $791.7 billion annually. ACR Funding can help get you the funding you need to expand and improve your trucking and transportation fleet.

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Get up to $1,000,000 in as little as 24 hours or less

ACR Funding does not perform hard credit inquiries

Why Do Trucking & Transportation Companies Choose ACR Funding?

There are more than 37.9 million trucks registered and used for business purposes in the United States, all of which will need to be serviced at some point. ACR Funding can help secure a working capital loan to expand and improve your fleet. You can purchase straight trucks, enclosed trailers, flatbed trailers, or refrigerated trailers. You can also purchase trucking technologies such as forward-facing camera systems, collision mitigation technology, and temperature sensors.

Keep up with demand and grow your fleet with up to $1,000,000 in funding in 24 hours or less. ACR Funding can help your trucking and transportation company secure working capital fast and easy. Our knowledgeable funding experts, flexible terms, and competitive rates make us the top option when choosing an alternative funding source. 


Expand Your

Secure a working capital loan to expand your transportation fleet or purchase trucking technologies to improve and increase efficiencies in your trucking business

Hire Skilled Drivers

The industry will need to hire 110,000 drivers per year to combat the current shortage. Hire skilled and specialized drivers to keep up with the demands of your daily operations

Equipment Financing

Purchase trucking technologies such as forward-facing camera systems, collision mitigation technology, electronic logging devices, and temperature sensors

Bridge Cash Flow Gaps

Get the working capital you need to cover monthly expenses, high cost of fuel, state highway tolls and taxes, or pay your employees 

How to Apply

Step 1

Apply online. It only takes a
few minutes.

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(877) 545-7020

Step 2

Let our experts review your information and provide you with different funding options that best fit your business needs.  

Step 3

Sign some paperwork and receive your funding within a few hours.


Our funding experts are available to answer all your questions and guide you through our quick and easy application process.

ACR Funding considers the health of your business and not your credit score. In most cases, if your business has consistent monthly deposits you will qualify for a same-day business loan. 

Get up to $1,000,000 in as little as 24 hours

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